"Paradise lies under the feet of your mother"


Mother of His Holiness Sultan-ul- Mashaikh

His Holiness in loving memory and worship of his mother said:

"If my mother had left behind me heaps of wealth and riches of the world, it would have been nothing. But what she has bestowed me with a never ending intangible treasure that has made me the richest in both the words".

She died on 30th of Jamadiul Awwal and lies buried in the house of Bibi Noor and Bibi Hoor, in which she used to live – in the neighbourhood of Hazrat Shaikh Najibuddin Mutawakkil (R.A). Hazrat Bibi Noor and Hazrat Bibi Hoor had great love and affection to Mai Saheba and are also buried in the same house. One day Bibi Noor and Bibi Hoor asked Her Holiness Mai Saheba that who will remember us. Her Holiness Mai Saheba said that this Dargah Sharif will be remembered as Dargah Bibi Noor, Bibi Hoor and my generation will remember you at the time of Urs Sharif (annual anniversary). This has come true since then. Men and women of all caste, creed and religion visit this Holy Shrine.

His Holiness used to visit this Holy Shrine of his mother every Wednesday and also on the 29th of every month of Islamic Calendar for the Ziarat. People who are suffering or having difficulties in life go this Holy Shrine of Her Holiness Hazrat Mai Saheba and pray to Almight Allah Tala (God). Their prayers are accepted and wishes fulfilled. She is a benevolent mother. She showers blessings to all the people who come at her Holy Shrine, every day. Special prayers after sunset are held on every Wednesday and 29th of every month of Islamic Calendar at her Holy Shrine at Adchini, next of NCERT, Opposite Sarvodya Enclave,
New Delhi-17.

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—The Holy Prophet.