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Mehboob-e-Elahi; Sultan–ul-Mashaikh (R.A)
(1238 A.D. to 1325 A.D.)

4. Glories of His Holiness

His Holiness was a radiant picture of "simple living and high thinking". His spiritual powers shook the foundations of seven mighty Kingdoms of India for a century in defending the cause of God. His Holiness fought the battles of Divine Truth valiantly whenever any of the mighty Kings of Delhi, deviated from the path of righteousness and justice. His Holiness won gloriously and kept the banner of Truth flying high! His Holiness in spite of his constant devotion to God never forgot his duties towards charity and humanity – it had no limits. His Holiness contentment was exemplary. His Holiness emphasised that jealousy and enmity did not go hand-in-hand with the creed of Sufism. Sufism teaches to treat ones enemies with due love and forbearance. His Holiness practised and followed the Shariat and the path shown by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). After the death of Hazrat Baba Farid heavy responsibilities, namely like carrying the teachings and preachings of the Chishti’s Order and uniting the rosary of his descendants fell upon His Holiness. The descendants of Hazrat Baba Farid (R.A) were spread over from Bengal to Gujarat and from Delhi to Deogiri. They had their own Khanqas (hermitages). His Holiness centralized all the Khanqah Nizamia and was the Super head of it. Abdullah Shattari has said that His Holiness sent seven hundred well–trained disciples to various important cities of the country and became central figures in their respective regions.

Shaikh Qutabuddin Munawwar was sent to Hansi, Shaikh Wajihuddin Yusuf to Chanderi, Shah Wilayat to Gujarat, Shaikh Husamuddin Multani to Pattan, Shaikh Kamaluddin to Malwa, Shaikh Burhanuddin Gharib to Deogir and Shaikh Muhammad to Manikpur. The task of organizing the silsilah in Bengal was entrusted to Shaikh Sirajuddin Usman.


- Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda


  1. Life History
  2. Spiritual Lustre of His Holiness
  3. Spiritual Principles and Khilafat Namah from Hazrat Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shakar (R.A)
  4. Glories of His Holiness
  5. The Curtain Falls
  6. Homage and Worship
  7. Disciples and Descendants of His Holiness Hazrat Sultan-ul- Mashaikh (R.A)
  8. WORKS
  9. Divine Graces of His Holiness Sultan-ul-Mashaikh (R.A.)
  10. 10 (a) MUNAJATH (Dua) in the Darbar of His Holiness Mehboob-e-Elahi; Sultan-ul-Mashaikh (R.A)
    10 (b) Munajat (Sunset Prayers)
  11. Ten Tasbihs of His Holiness for Peace & Successful Life