God is peace, His name is peace, and
all is bound together in Peace..
Mehboob-e-Elahi; Sultan–ul-Mashaikh (R.A)
(1238 A.D. to 1325 A.D.)

His Holiness was the fourth Spiritual Successor (Khalifa) of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti of Ajmer, the founder of the Chishti Order in India. His Holiness had unique merits as a learned scholar, an able and diligent administrator and a perfect Spiritual Master. Picking up the sacred work of Hazrat Baba Farid, His Holiness founded Khanqahs (monastries) on the line of Ghaus-ul-Azam Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad all over India and sent his trained Khalifas to impart teachings in Truth, love and goodwill amongst people of India. When His Holiness found that language and dialectic obstacles hindered the harmony of the people he ordered his disciple Hazrat Amir Khusro to invent a new language and that came to be known as Urdu. His Holiness gave a revolutionary dimension to religious activity by identifying it with the service of man. His Holiness taught his disciples that looking after the poor, needy and downtrodden was greater than the formal performance of religious practices.1 A contemporary Saint once said that while Allah Talaha (God) has given only one power to mystics in general. He had bestowed two upon His Holiness that is; to pray to God and to bear the burden of looking after the problems of people.2 Both God and man formed the basis of His Holiness dynamic social value system. Thus, His Holiness represents the secular character of Indian culture. Under His Holiness leadership, the sun of the Chishtia Order shone itself at its heights in the history of Indian Sufism.

His Holiness was from a distinguished parentage who had their lineal source from the illustrious family of the Holy Prophet himself.



-Zohar, Leviticus 10b


  1. Life History
  2. Spiritual Lustre of His Holiness
  3. Spiritual Principles and Khilafat Namah from Hazrat Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shakar (R.A)
  4. Glories of His Holiness
  5. The Curtain Falls
  6. Homage and Worship
  7. Disciples and Descendants of His Holiness Hazrat Sultan-ul- Mashaikh (R.A)
  8. WORKS
  9. Divine Graces of His Holiness Sultan-ul-Mashaikh (R.A.)
  10. 10 (a) MUNAJATH (Dua) in the Darbar of His Holiness Mehboob-e-Elahi; Sultan-ul-Mashaikh (R.A)
    10 (b) Munajat (Sunset Prayers)
  11. Ten Tasbihs of His Holiness for Peace & Successful Life


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2 Tuhfat-u’l-Majalis, Malfuz of Shaikh Ahmad Maghribi, 977 ff