"Take life seriously: Nation and Society cannot be built without sacrifice. World peace is not possible without sacrifice!
Learn to expand your mind. Experience the grandeur of the world in which you are living and learn to be service to mankind – even at the risk of starvation and death, if necessary.
This attitude of living is the theme of all Holy Scriptures."
Mehboob-e-Elahi; Sultan–ul-Mashaikh (R.A)
(1238 A.D. to 1325 A.D.)

2. Spiritual Lustre of His Holiness

According to His Holiness, the first lesson of Sufism was not related to prayers or organized rituals, but began with the mastery of the maxim,

"Whatever you do not like to be done to yourself, do not wish it to happen to others, wish for yourself what you wish should happen to others also, altruistic service to others is more meritorious to the performance of obligatory prayers."

Chishti Silsila has a special hall-mark; the love for mankind! Hazrat Ghareeb Nawaz (R.A) said,

"God is a friend to those whose generosity is like that of the river, whose benevolence is like that of the moon and whose hospitality is like that of the earth, which is the same for friends and foe."

Alike when Ghareeb Nawaz sent Hazrat Khwaja Qutubddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A) to Delhi as his emissary, he advised him. "Whoever shows enmity to you treat him as a friend and don’t ever hurt anyone." Thus the history of the Chishti Saints is full of events which clearly show their deep love and tenderness of heart for the poor and downtrodden.

On the second visit to Ajodhan, His Holiness learnt six chapters of Quran along with Tamheed of Abu Shakur Sulami and Awariful Marif under Baba’s tutorship. In Jamadiul Awwal 669A.H/1265A.D His Holiness made his third and last visit to Hazrat Baba Farid (R.A), his Spiritual Mentor. This time His Holiness received the Khilafatnama8 on 13th Ramazan 663 A.H/1265A.D from his Mentor and was also permitted to disseminate the teachings he had acquired. Hazrat Baba Farid blessed His Holiness-by saying,

"Nizam you will be like a tree under whose shadow the people will find rest, you should strengthen your spirits by devotion."

His Holiness was greeted whole heartedly and Hazrat Baba Farid transmitted the spiritual gifts and prophesised a glorious era for His Holiness and said,

"Oh, Nizam, destiny has made you the master of the world, go and sit on the throne of Hind."


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—Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.


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8 See Chapter - IV (3)